Quick Guides

Accessing FACEKI dashboard

This guide will take you through FACEKI's dashboard that you have been granted access to upon subscribing to FACEKI.

  1. Register and Select Package: Users can register and select a package on the FACEKI pricing page (https://apps.faceki.com/pricing).

  2. Get Client ID and Client Secret: After selecting a package, users can go to the integration screen on the link https://sdk.faceki.com/integration/client-id to get their Client ID and Client Secret from the user dashboard.

  3. Check API Documentation: Users can then check the API documentation to learn how to use FACEKI's biometric authentication API and make calls to the API.

  4. Download SDK: Alternatively, users can download FACEKI's SDK to integrate the biometric authentication technology into their application.

  5. Test API Calls: Users can use tools such as Postman to test the API calls for liveliness check, sign up, and sign in.

By following these steps, users can quickly and easily integrate FACEKI's biometric authentication technology into their applications and provide their users with a secure and convenient authentication experience.

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