Support Ticket

Tickets section allows for the creation of support tickets with our team, the main dashboard shows the overall ticket counts, their category, status and last updated dates.

How to Access Tickets

Click on 'Tickets' from the menu on the dashboard

Create New Ticket

To create a ticket, click on 'New tickets', then fill up the complaint with a title, category, priority and then your message describing the issue you're facing.

Upon creating a ticket, you can choose one of the following categories:

  • Support - Tickets created for our technical team to verify integration, issues, troubleshoot etc.

  • Billing - Tickets created to our admin and operations stuff to verify billing or subscription information etc.

  • Sales - to contact our sales team, if in need for a quotation, upgrade etc.

Open Tickets

To find the recently opened or existing tickets, click on 'My tickets', you can click on the title of the ticket to view the ticket details with the replies. You can also view the status of the ticket and the last updated time.

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