Login by Face image for signup with user details api.

This API is used to perform login operations for already registered users using the face image of the person, Make sure you will open a camera and capture the live face image as the system will not bypass any face image like image in mobile, paper, or any other kind of masking on the face.

Key points to consider here are:-

  1. Face minimal side is less than 300 pix or distance between eyes is less than 90 pix

  2. Face out-of-plane rotation is greater than 20 degrees

  3. The distance between the face and camera is very small, and the face can be significantly distorted

  4. The luminous power is insufficient

  5. High motion or gaussian blur rate or light shot

*Image file type of png, jpeg, jpg (*Mandatory)

Other Error Codes

  • FACE_TOO_CLOSE: A distance between face and camera is too small for preprocessing issues

  • FACE_CLOSE_TO_BORDER: Face is too close to one or more borders. May reduce the accuracy of spoofing detection because edges of face may not be seen

  • FACE_CROPPED: Face is cropped. May reduce the accuracy of spoofing detection because edges of face may not be seen

  • FACE_NOT_FOUND: Face detector can't find face on image

  • FACE_TOO_SMALL: Facial area is not big enough for analysis. Either interpupillary distance or face size is below the configured value.

  • FACE_ANGLE_TOO_LARGE: Facial out-of-plane rotation angle is extremely large

  • FAILED_TO_PREDICT_LANDMARKS: Landmarks prediction error



  • FAILED_TO_READ_IMAGE: File decoding error

  • FAILED_TO_READ_MODEL: Model deserializing error

  • FAILED_TO_WRITE_IMAGE: File encoding error

  • INVALID_CONFIG: Configuration file deserializing error

  • INVALID_FUSE_MODE: Invalid fuse mode provided

  • NO_SUCH_OBJECT_IN_BUILD: Engine or backend is not supported by the build

  • NULLPTR Nullptr provided: TOO_MANY_FACES Too many faces detected (more than maximum faces number in configuration, one face by default)

  • UNKNOWN: Unhandled exception in the code

POST https://sdk.faceki.com/facelink/api/login

Query Parameters






Bearer [token]




Request Body




Selfie live image

    "responseCode": 0,
    "data": {
        "logedIn": true,
        "all_face_ids": [
        "user": {
            "_id": "644b7a0571acced04ea09904",
            "userId": "e4fe7610-9ea8-4894-9e61-bc2ecb7bc305",
            "companyId": "d2504fcc-a1bd-4f4c-9874-dec3706123b4",
            "userType": "Member",
            "email": "name@faceki.com",
            "language": "",
            "roleID": "Admin",
            "status": "ACTIVE",
            "blockStatus": "UNBLOCKED",
            "selfieImage": "https://faceki-kyc-images.s3.amazonaws.com/faces/5262079000000.jpeg",
            "faceID": "2f1ebdb7-e6d1-448e-9b2c-3ddfe97672d7",
            "imageID": "ff56ce6a-0326-3eaa-92c4-345d4a80a2db",
            "createdAt": "2023-04-28T07:47:17.325Z",
            "updatedAt": "2023-04-28T07:47:17.325Z",
            "__v": 0
        "packageInfo": {
            "subscription": {
                "_id": "643d06cd312cfeacfdd1bb03",
                "subscriptionType": "Stripe",
                "subscriptionStatus": "ACTIVE",
                "subscriptionId": "sub_1MxnfASELEOLtiPwDdMSkJcs",
                "userEmail": "fc1@mailinator.com",
                "companyId": "d2504fcc-a1bd-4f4c-9874-dec3706123b4",
                "packageId": "2e7773a8-cec5-4d49-9728-d8ad8f87274f",
                "packageType": "KYC",
                "subscriptionDateTime": "2023-04-17T08:43:57.126Z",
                "allowExcessiveUse": false,
                "nextBillingDate": "2024-04-17T08:43:57.126Z",
                "availableCredit": 9999,
                "excessCharge": 0,
                "createdAt": "2023-04-17T08:43:57.127Z",
                "updatedAt": "2023-04-28T08:08:50.514Z",
                "__v": 0
            "subscriptionUsage": {
                "_id": "643d06cdad232a17e6056b4e",
                "companyId": "d2504fcc-a1bd-4f4c-9874-dec3706123b4",
                "subscriptionId": "sub_1MxnfASELEOLtiPwDdMSkJcs",
                "subscriptionDate": "1681689600000-1713312000000",
                "subscriptionPackage": "Rosales",
                "subscriptionLimit": 10000,
                "subscriptionUsage": 4,
                "smsLimit": 100,
                "smsUsage": 0,
                "extraUsage": 0,
                "overTimeUsage": 0,
                "extraUsageInvoiceCreated": false,
                "createdAt": "2023-04-17T08:43:57.335Z",
                "updatedAt": "2023-04-28T08:08:50.405Z",
                "__v": 0
        "message": "Login Success."

Response Parameters

Confidence: *Consider any value above 90 as success.

face_id: *This is a unique identifier for each face, you can keep this to retrieve user information in your DB while Sign up you can store and use here to retrieve information, each face can have multiple images ID's.

client_id: Can verify with your client id for authenticity.

mobile_number: User mobile number.

_id: Faceki user-id.

image_id: Unique image id.

Email: User email.

Name: User name.

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