Get an Authroization Bearer Token.

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Token Authentication Postman

Get a Bearer Token access token.

Authentication for the Faceki API is achieved through token-based authentication. To authenticate requests made to the API, you must include an API token in the Authorization of your requests.

For the GET method, the "Authorization" header should include "Bearer Token" followed by your parameters. which are "clientId" and "clientSecret". These parameters help to ensure that the request is valid and authorized.

By including the necessary authentication details in your requests, you can ensure that your requests are processed correctly and securely.

This API is used to generate tokens, this token is client-specific and used to authenticate client identity before performing operations in the system.

Method: GET

Authorization: Bearer Token


clientId *(mandatary)

clientSecret *(mandatory)

Each token will have a token refresh expiry of 5 minutes/ 3600 seconds. 

*All Params are mandatary required


Requests return a JSON object with the header:

// Content-Type: application/json

GET https://sdk.faceki.com/auth/api/access-token


Request Body

    "responseCode": 0,
    "data": {
        "access_token": "eyYkdDhiJuMVdFVFwvYWRPWFBCWTgxaCtTdEpcLytxUFVzSzFGSVlubXhSdUV4UWdJSkU9IiwiYWxnIjoiUlMyNTYifQ.eyJzdWIiOiI3YnN2YW5jcGw0dGlvNjA2MDBwbjZobnI1OCIsInRva2VuX3VzZSI6ImFjY2VzcyIsInNjb3BlIjoia3ljXC9hbGwiLCJhdXRoX3RpbWUiOjE2ODI1MTM5NDksImlzcyI6Imh0dHBzOlwvXC9jb2duaXRvLWlkcC5tZS1zb3V0aC0xLmFtYXpvbmF3cy5jb21cL21lLXNvdXRoLTFfNHRvVUVCem9mIiwiZXhwIjoxNjgyNTE3NTQ5LCJpYXQiOjE2ODI1MTM5NDksInZlcnNpb24iOjIsImp0aSI6Ijg2NjY3N2FkLTcyMDctNDFkOC1hZjI5LTk3OWU3MDA3YWViNiIsImNsaWVudF9pZCI6Ijdic3ZhbmNwbDR0aW82MDYwMHBuNmhucjU4In0.NTs5EgFlTlfslPIFZpqK5ABAj7oZMPlGMEvH4YeUHOSB0m7jo_TkzNTHm1GCp32Mz3qCBOHZPiic0PPPCFJ1p1A2o7WSmV4x6GQ9vS55kvOUcgaY0_wS37_2TQ7ObVUeMKAeuSqdE9QBWIiMDdZyslDb-pGlXjC4WE0g30TGbKuu2twungoUztyDS1HqBQUNnZ1T3HV0fOTYXwKmXjGCoP-gZHW3TRG8woF4QnPqoAYItV-aRT01fv2H62NdlL_VZ7A1cCHEClDIs5U5nagGjVWeIxJUTLQT0tFVvYVh6ViCaRCv2hlFcSrSwym0hvtGgPNV0H_eZ2yytoFjq0danQ",
        "expires_in": 3600,
        "token_type": "Bearer"

Response JSON format

Requests return a JSON object with the header:

// Content-Type: application/json

Responses return JSON with a consistent structure, except downloads.

You must make all your requests to the API over HTTPS and TLS 1.2, with Server Name Indication enabled. Any requests made over HTTP will fail.

Token authentication Codes

Authorization: Token token=<YOUR_API_TOKEN>

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